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costa rica for “schweizer familie”

1_costarica_269Strand von Tortuguero, Costa Rica am Freitag(12.05.2017). Foto: Tanja Demarmels3_costarica_0284_costarica_518Vulkan Arenal, Costa Rica am Samstag (13.05.2017). Foto: Tanja Demarmels6_costarica_1277_costarica_1528_costarica_0819_costarica_20910_costarica_14611_costarica_19713_costarica_08814_costarica_494costarica_133costarica_429

cuba II



iran for “schweizer familie”



flüelapass, switzerland


link to my pictures of north korea

north korea


1_uruguay_brazil_176 Kopie 2_uruguay_brazil_117 Kopie 3_uruguay_brazil_090 Kopie 4_uruguay_brazil_060 Kopie 5_uruguay_brazil_048 Kopie 11_uruguay_brazil_178 Kopie 6_uruguay_brazil_070 Kopie 7_uruguay_brazil_123bw Kopie 5_uruguay_brazil_065 Kopie9_uruguay_brazil_146 Kopie 10_uruguay_brazil_071 Kopie 13_uruguay_brazil_152 Kopie

patagonia, argentina

1_patagonien_0082_patagonien_011 3_patagonien_040bw 4_patagonien_129 5_patagonien_024 6_patagonien_088 7_patagonien_169 8_patagonien_209 9_patagonien_085 10_patagonien_051

mallorca for “schweizer familie”

wandern in mallorca2wandern_mallorca_4696 3wandern_mallorca_4742 4wandern_mallorca_4191 5wandern_mallorca_5071 6wandern_mallorca_4229 Das Fischerdorf Cala Figuera auf Mallorca am 27.05.15. Foto: Tanja Demarmels. Markt in Artà auf Mallorca am 25.05.15. Foto: Tanja Demarmels. Alcùdia auf Mallorca am 25.05.15. Foto: Tanja Demarmels.Landschaft auf Mallorca am 25.05.15. Foto: Tanja Demarmels.12wandern_mallorca_5325



napoli_pano Kopiewp

Son Doong Expedition- into the worlds largest cave

First Doline and Camp inside Son Doong Cave.  Foto: Tanja Demarmels

north east coast brazil

01_MG_3960 07_MG_4548 08_MG_4514 09_MG_4565 13_MG_4724 15_MG_475610_MG_4561 18_MG_4852 19_MG_4827 29_MG_4993 30_MG_5092 32_MG_5117 33_MG_5179 34_MG_5165

streets of hanoi

hanoi_street_001 hanoi_street_002 hanoi_street_003 hanoi_street_004 hanoi_street_005 hanoi_street_006 hanoi_street_007 hanoi_street_008 hanoi_street_009 hanoi_street_010


1_brazil 2_brazil3_brazil 4_brazil 5_brazil 6_brazil 7_brazil 8_brazil

julierpass, switzerland

1_julier1 2_julier1 3_julier1 4_julier1

alpe naucal for “migrosmagazin”

1_alpe_naucal_059 3_alpe_naucal_094 4_alpe_naucal_071 5_alpe_naucal_008 6_alpe_naucal_169 7_alpe_naucal_143 8_alpe_naucal_097 9_alpe_naucal_031 10_alpe_naucal_055 11_alpe_naucal_192 12_alpe_naucal_208 13_alpe_naucal_177

flores / komodo for “migrosmagazin”

Komodo Dragon auf Komodo Island am Donnerstag (06.09.12). Foto: Tanja Demarmels 3_indonesien_277 5_indonesien_267 Lombok am Samstag (07.09.12). Foto: Tanja Demarmels 8_indonesien_255 9_indonesien_326 10_indonesien

safiental for “tageswoche”

Thalkirch im Safiental am Sonntag (23.12.12) . Foto: Tanja DemarmelsThalkirch im Safiental am Sonntag (23.12.12) . Foto: Tanja DemarmelsSafiental  am Sonntag (23.12.12) . Foto: Tanja DemarmelsThalkirch im Safiental am Sonntag (23.12.12) . Foto: Tanja Demarmels

finnish lapland

lappland_001 lappland_002 lappland_003 lappland_004 lappland_005 lappland_006 lappland_007 lappland_008 lappland_009 lappland_010 lappland_011 lappland_012



grimselpass, switzerland

mali part II

poland for migros-magazin

some shots of my trip to mali with helvetas..


san sebastian